Our Sydney Wedding

24 Oct

Anyong Everyone!

For those who just started following my blog, thank you! 🙂 Just in case any of you get confused, I used to live in Malaysia for 17 years and left for Korea for a few months last year, then moved to Sydney in December last year! When I had first come to Sydney, I remember being busy planning for two weddings! One in Seoul, South Korea, another in Sydney, Australia! (I will write up another post about how I went about the wedding planning + about the Korean traditional wedding too!) Dan, my husband and I got married on the 9th of March, 2014, at Sergeants Mess, Mosman, Sydney, Australia.

Two weeks before the wedding, I remember checking the weather almost every single day, and the weather forecast bom.gov.au which I call bom in short form, had stated that there would be heavy showers with thunderstorms. Aussies have to check the weather everyday unlike Malaysia because it changes like almost everyday! Well Sergeants Mess did have a back up plan for us to get wedded indoors but still, it was my dream to get married out under the sun with the clear bright blue skies!

I still clearly remember checking the weather forecast at 6am in the morning, while I was getting my make up and hair done, and again bom had stated that there was going to be showers and thunderstorms. That instance, all these troubling thoughts just flooded my brain. I was one heck of an anxious bride… like gosh, in my head I knew I could not do any photo shoots outside the venue,  that I have to be so darn careful with my dress, have to hold the ceremony indoors, would not have the bright blue waterfront background like how I had always imagined it to be, that it would potentially get really windy and mess my hair up …and the list went on and on. Then I calmed out and told myself that there was nothing I could do about it but pray and I prepared myself for an indoor wedding.

When I reached the venue at 9.45am, I was completely shocked to see that the sun was out! I looked outside and I did not see a single gray cloud in the sky and the bright blue skies reflected on the bay making the venue absolutely beautiful! Thank God the weather turned out to be the complete opposite! 🙂

The backdrop for our wedding!

We held our ceremony outdoor (Yayy!), went on to do a tea ceremony (whereby we served tea to our parents, grandparents, relatives and then get red packets (money)/jewelry) too), followed by a quick photo shoot with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and then on to the reception. 🙂  I’ve put a gallery below so click on the first photo and use your right arrow to view the gallery (Photos courtesy of Luna Studio –  yes we did fly them over from Korea).

Before I end this post, here are some advice to the brides on your wedding day:

  • Make sure you take deeeep breath and say this out loud to yourself, not in your head “I am getting married!”, then look around you to see whats happening and soak it in. Do this a few times. I still remember every single moment I said that to myself! Seriously, everything goes by too quickly on your wedding day. Soak everything in.
  • Have a videographer or at least a gopro/someone recording every single moment! While you are in your bridal suite, you don’t know what on earth is going on outside and after everything is over, you would want to go back and see what your husband had been doing while you were getting ready
  • When you sit down on your bridal table, EAT the moment you see the food. Well for me I was really hungry so I just whacked all the food. 🙂 Tell your bridesmaid to eat too because you can talk to them anytime after that. I have heard so many brides that had said that they didn’t even touch the food at all. So I was like damn, the food here is good so I have to eat it on my special day, and I remember finishing every single course 🙂 Hoorayyy

Well that’s it for now everyone~

Anyong! 🙂



2 Responses to “Our Sydney Wedding”

  1. yorumee October 27, 2014 at 1:14 pm #

    Congratulations for your wedding..!!!!!! Tahniah.

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