Menu Tasting at Sergeants Mess, Mosman

16 Oct


With my latest addiction to instagram @jinnysun & @sunpetalsflorist, I just had to post about the menu tasting at Sergeants Mess, Mosman, Sydney that we went for, a few weeks before our wedding on the 12th of February, 2014. Sergeants Mess is owned by the Grand Pacific Group which also owns QVB The Tea Room, Dunbar House and Gunners Barracks.

As a foodie, I wanted to try the best dishes like how you would look up in google for reviews for any restaurants/cafes. But for this place, I could not find many. I myself blog because I know and I believe here is a need and want for people about particular topics. Of course I also do it because I do love jotting down my thoughts about me and my life too. So thank you to those who read my blog. Your interest in my blog and the comments you write do make my day! 🙂

Okay so… back to food!

Dan (fiance then, husband now) and I chose this place to get married here in Sydney because of the absolutely stunning waterfront view. The moment I first saw this place last year, I knew this was the one. We locked it in immediately and we both received a complimentary food tasting for this place.

waterfront view

Waterfront view at Sergeants Mess. Photo courtesy of Luna Studio.

We arrived at the venue at 6.30pm and our tables were already set up.  It felt like we were on a date!


Talk about how organised they are! They had everything labeled  and set up!

Weeks prior to our food tasting, we had to choose 2 different types of entrees, mains, desserts as well as the wines! I had no idea which ones to go for so after half and hour of googling, I ended up choosing the following ones.

Parmesan crumbed veal

Entree: Parmesan crumbed veal fig walnut and feta salad, hazelnut and cabinet sauvignon vinegar dressing. I couldn’t really taste the Parmesan. 6/10

Slow roast pork belly, fennel puree, green apple and tarragon, iceberg lettuce

Entree: Slow roast pork belly, fennel puree, green apple and tarragon, iceberg lettuce. This was the best pork belly dish I have ever tasted! It just melted in my mouth! I had to say, this was the best dish of the night. 10/10

Grilled lamb rump, potato fondant, romesco sauce, tuscan cabbage

Main: Grilled lamb rump, potato fondant, romesco sauce, tuscan cabbage. The meat was tender, and the potato complementing it was amazing! 8/10

Roast beef rump cap, chimichurri butter, beetroot, sauté potatoes

Main: Roast beef rump cap, chimichurri butter, beetroot, sauté potatoes. The beef was overcooked so we complained. We still went ahead with this dish for our wedding and on the day itself, it turned to be perfect. 🙂 7/10

Apple & cinnamon crème brulee, muscatels

Dessert: Apple & cinnamon crème brulee, muscatels. It wasn’t fantastic but it did enlighten my mood. 6/10

Fig and almond tart, sesame ice cream, port glaze

Dessert: Fig and almond tart, sesame ice cream, port glaze. I was so full after the main and the entree but still this was good. It wasn’t too sweet at all and they were generous with the figs too! 9/10

Lastly for our wines this is what we had:

  • Sparkling Wine: NV Angoves Chalk Hill Blue 8/10
  • White Wine: Angove’s Chalk Hill Blue, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 8/10, Multi Regional, Bay Of Stones Sauvignon Blanc, South East 7/10
  • Red Wine: McPherson Cabernet Merlot, South East AUS 7/10, Angove’s Chalk Hill Blue Shiraz Cabernet, Multi Regional, AUS 6/10
Our view and our wines

Our view and our wines. (If you don’t like the wines you try on the day itself, you can always ask for a different one to try).

Unfortunately we could not taste the canapes as they were not included in our food tasting. So here’s how I rated them. After the ceremony at the site on our wedding day, Dan and I along with the bridesmaids, groomsmen went for our photoshoot nearby and came back to the bridal suite room and found out they had left canapes for us to try! I thought we were going to miss out on them. I was so touched by Sergeants Mess’s service!

1. Prawn tortellini, corn, harissa & lemon  2. Salt cod brandade, cured swordfish, mustard

1. Prawn tortellini, corn, harissa & lemon 8/10
2. Salt cod brandade, cured swordfish, mustard  8/10

Mushroom & Madeira consommé, foie gras ravioli

3.Mushroom & Madeira consommé, foie gras ravioli. It didn’t look appealing but it tasted real good! 9.5/10

And here’s our final menu we had for our wedding!

Our DIY menu

Our DIY menu which I got the template from etsy (  So we didn’t up adding the dessert to our final menu because we thought there was enough substantial food already in the entree and in the main.

Our DIY Menu

Our DIY Menu

Overall, the service at Sergeants Mess was exceptional and the food was something I would want to go back for just a meal if I ever could for another tasting! I would have to say the food surpassed my expectations even more on my wedding day and I was glad I chose this place to get married 🙂

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2 Responses to “Menu Tasting at Sergeants Mess, Mosman”

  1. altissimoihw October 16, 2014 at 6:25 pm #

    Anyong Jessica. My name is Irving and I must say I really enjoy reading your blogs, particularly about a Korean living in Malaysia. I am Malaysian myself but have been living in HK for 8 years. I have a big favor to ask; I have just been appointed distributor for Malaysia for a very good Korean skincare brand. I would like to reach out first to younger Koreans living in Malaysia. Is there any forum/ avenue. Appreciate your generous advice. My email is Terima Kasih

  2. Jessica Chae October 17, 2014 at 1:49 pm #

    Thanks for taking an interest in my blog! I have emailed you back already. 🙂

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